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My Life These Days.

So I guess from now on I’ll just start talking about how I feel and maybe someone will care or relate.. I am a junior in college and recently changed my major because as a pre-med for the past two years I had finished most of my gen eds and taken my first few legit science course. Got an F in one and a D in another. I probably should’ve dropped the courses but I didn’t because i didn’t wanna feel like I was giving up on myself. I wanted to change my major to kinesiology and recreation to pursue physical therapy for professional sports, not knowing I still ended to make up those two grades because its still a science. However getting those extremely bad grades left me with a shitty gap even tho I did good in all my other things. I then looked elsewhere, I had to figure out what to do with my life. I have always like working with kids, so I considered education. I spoke with an education advisor about becoming and early education major to teach like 3rd grade and under. Basically my gap wasn’t good enough for that either. A friend told me about a science education major at our school and that the advisor for the major was really nice, and understanding. So, I emailed him, explained my situation and he overrides the system and let me into the major even though my gpa wasn’t good enough. So here I am, my first semester as an Earth Space and Science Education major. All of my classes are science courses but they are filled with people who have already taken other courses like it. I mean people are discussing rocks, how they’re formed, the details about them and I’m looking around thinking “what the hell am I doing here, they’re goddamn rocks what difference does it make?” I feel so out of place. It feels like I had no other choice so I just picked something and appreciated the fact that someone wanted to help me. Because my advisor went out of his way tog et me in I feel like I have no choice but to do well. Honestly I just want to be done. My professors are the kind of people who are too smart to dumb things down for people.. I want to cry because I don’t know what to do. I try so hard to focus on school and get good grades. Im not talented enough to not go to school. This is my hustle. This semester I have to bust my ass and make these grades. I feel like Im gonna drive myself crazy trying to make this happen because I don’t know anything about these classes. If you have kind words I’d really appreciate hearing them from time to time in my inbox.. Thanks for reading. Goodnight. 

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